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Asimov’s Redux

For John, and possibly Fred, in his(their?) quest to read a short story a day or so. Asimov’s Science Fiction has the complete text of the 7 stories that ran in their magazin that are up for a Nebula Award. How cool is that? And I don’t recall seeing these stories as being chock full of sex, drugs or molestations. Then again, my Asimov’s didn’t come in the mail in a brown wrapper…

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4 Comments on Asimov’s Redux

  1. About 13 minutes too late with the link, slow-poke. (Remind me to add slow-poke to my list.)

  2. Yep, trying to read one something per day. Either an essay (related to fantasy or SF, mind you) or a “short work of fiction” (novella, novellette, short story).

    Alas, Young Miss Laura (my daughter) has her schedule and I have mine. The twain do not always meet.

  3. Same here. 95% of my reading is confined to after-bedtime hours.

  4. The Empress of Mars, by Kage Baker, rocks. In case you wanted to know. I suspect it will win the Nebula.

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