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Can anyone speak or read Japanese?

I found this link to a new Japanese movie called CASSHERN. Check out the trailer. The movie has a definite Terry Gilliam feel to it with some David Lynch’s Dune look as well. It looks really cool. What’s it about? I dunno. But it has robots and really cool looking helicopter/Osprey-like flying machines. Of course, trailers are made to show a movie in the best possible light…

Update: My brother watched the trailer and was able to ascertain the following: “it seems to be about cloning, megacorporations, and of course the obligatory swordplay”. He can’t read Kanji so the web site itself is right out.

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7 Comments on Can anyone speak or read Japanese?

  1. Patrick Frantz // February 25, 2004 at 9:29 pm //

    I just want to clarify that I can read SOME kanji, just not enough to make sense of the site. 😉

    The movie looks cool!


  2. So that’s what live-action anime looks like? Looks pretty cool. I’m glad noone has blue or neon green hair which looks cool in cartoon but utterly putrid in live action stuff!

    The kanji in the trailer are the same as some of the ones in on the website so those are just character names or cast names… but in the “Story” section, this is what the Japanese text said:

    “As for there, the history which we walk the world where you walk the history which differs completely. The great war continues, as many as 50 years as for the world calls large Asian federal republic and European combination, it had divided into two camps. On end of the long fight, victory it did large Asian federal republic, controlling the east Asian Eurasian continent tract reached the point of. But, those which are obtained with the victory in devastation of human nature, the chemical weapon and the germ weapon, the sequela of the chemical injury and the virus and the radioactivity etc. which the nucleus brings were just the ground which becomes rough. Does the mankind sitting down, just receive loose end?”

    Babelfish is good, but not that good otherwise I would’ve tried to say that I did the translation…

  3. After looking at the cast info with babelfish, it would appear that the kanji toward the end of the trailer are the actors’ names…

    I’m actually pretty impressed with Babelfish’s translations; so to answer JP’s original question: No, you don’t have to speak Japanese to understand it. Isn’t the Internet great?!?! I’m glad Al Gore invented it — no matter what Howard Dean thinks…

  4. You know, that translation’s probably at least as entertaining as the movie itself.

  5. Along similar humor-lines…there’s this.

  6. Saa, douzo…

    00:00:02 I’d like to present, to this body, one of our accomplishments.

    00:00:13 It’s name is “neo-biology.” [more like “newly created bio”]

    00:00:17 You’ve made all these already?

    00:00:19 I’ve heard your wife is ill…

    00:00:25 What are you going to do about Luna?

    00:00:28 I can’t stay alone in a place like this when my friends are fighting.

    00:00:30 Cause unknown!

    00:00:31 “Neo-biology”is still incomplete?!

    00:00:38 What are you saying?

    00:00:40 That the military is moving. [its forces, etc, whatever]

    00:00:44 I wonder why people fight…

    00:00:46 What have you done?

    00:00:49 The neo-human that will rule the world.

    00:00:53 I’m going…

    00:00:57 …to annihilate the human race.

    00:01:03 Code 2-0-6!

    00:01:04 Hurry! DO IT!

    00:01:06 Luna!

    00:01:13 I will save you.

    00:01:17 Who the hell are you?

    00:01:22 I’m not human anymore!!

    00:01:35 One life, cast aside

    00:01:39 and reborn with an invulnerable body

    00:01:41 will strike and destroy the iron demons.

    00:01:45 If Casshern doesn’t do it,

    00:01:47 who will?

  7. Looks like it’s got roots in the old Casshan: Robot Hunter anime.

    “Tetsuya’s father was a brilliant scientist who accidentally unleashed a terrible monster on humanity. His creation, the android BK-01, was supposed to help mankind preserve the planet but has decided the best way to accomplish this task is to remove humanity from the equation. Calling himself the Black King, BK-01 has amassed a huge army of robots to conquer the human race. Transformed by his father’s technology in the half-human, half-robot warrior Casshan, Tetsuya is man’s last best hope for survival. Together with his robotic canine Friender, Casshan must rescue his old girlfriend Luna from the Black King’s clutches before facing the mad android in the ultimate battle for the future of the planet.”

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