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Crunchy Biblio-goodness

As I walked up to the front door today, after work, I saw a box lying on the ground. I thought, it couldn’t be, that was too fast. But it was! It was my Bookcloseouts order. Woo hoo! Last time it only took about 6 weeks to get my books. This time was much faster, only 2 weeks.

These are the books you can expect to see on the reading shelf to the right, and proabably a review:

Steel Beach – John Varley

Redemption Ark – Alastair Reynolds

The Light Ages – Ian MacCleod (is he some sort of perverse, amalgamation of Iain Banks and Ken MacCleod?)

A Scattering of Jades – Alexander Irvine

Hidden Empire – Kevin Anderson (aka. – Mr. Anderson)

Solitaire – Kelley Eskridge

I do recommend Bookcloseouts for your book buying needs, if they have the book(s) you want. All 6 (5 HB, 1 PB) cost me $33 with shipping. And the reason I waited so long last time was the fault of our stellar campus mail system which couldn’t find my office…

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2 Comments on Crunchy Biblio-goodness

  1. I just placed my latest order with them, Snatching up Redemption Ark and the newly-in-stock Singularity Sky ($5.50 HB, a 77% discount!). All told, 11 books (4 HB, 4 MMPB, 3 kids books) for $44 shipped.

    BTW, my last order (received earlier this week) contained a $5 coupon code good until 7/1/2004 for any order over $35…as follows:

    Coupon: gift

    Password: bookcloseouts

  2. You know, not only does Bookclouseouts have Singularity Sky, which I already bought somewhere else, they now have Ilium! Gah!

    Those guys are like a box of chocolates…

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