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Feast of Crows Excerpt

The Klausner-lovers over at Amazon have posted an excerpt from George R. R. Martin’s upcoming A Feast for Crows. Harriet read it in 0.02 seconds. Then she gave it 5 stars.

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2 Comments on Feast of Crows Excerpt

  1. Come on, let’s be realistic. I’m sure it took her more like 5 minutes to read the entire book and get enough out of it to give it 5 stars.

    I’d give the other books in the series so far 5 stars, but it took me many, many hours to read each.

  2. Lazzula // March 8, 2006 at 1:29 pm //

    I’m extremely disapointed in “A Feast For Crows”. After waiting this long for it’s release I had expected a better attempt to continue the saga. I think this is just a money maker for Mr. Martin, feeding off the success of his previous works. It doesn’t measure up.

    Talk about dialogue. That all the characters do, talk talk talk, there is nothing interesting going on. It is also most tedious attempting to connect the many characters in this book with their past actions. If you have an eidetic memory then this shouldn’t be an issue or if you haven’t read the previous books recently then you should; if you want this one to make any sense. 2 stars

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