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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry

There is an auction on eBay right now, for an account on Star Wars Galaxies where the character is a Jedi Knight. The asking price? $600 smakers to start, with a buy right now of $3K! Wow! Who’s going to pay that much? SWG isn’t as populous as it once was, and I don’t think anyone would pay that amount for an account. Especially considering it would literally take years for someone to buy their own account and play before they reached $3K. I’d bet they would make a Jedi too. Just rediculous…

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5 Comments on I don’t know whether to laugh or cry

  1. Well, I see a market here! I’ll put up an ad on eBay, ASAP:

    FOR SALE: A LIFE. Get what you obviously don’t have. Will trade one(1) ‘Life’ for your Star Wars Galaxies account, plus your Star Wars merchandise collection. This offer non-negotiable.”

    Ka-ching! ;-P


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  2. As of 2/25/04, someone (insane probably) has bid $600 for this account. Sad….

  3. Hey, that was me! Oh wait, I’m the one that bid $600 for the imaginary girlfriend on ebay, nevermind…

  4. Well, if you think about the time it took him/her to get a jedi character, you’re probably getting the character for like $3/hour. Certainly your free time is worth more than that! And you have to consider the $15/month for the account, which is another $100…

  5. Looks like ebay pulled the jedi character.

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