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I got your minutia right here

From the “People with Waaaay to Much Time on Their Hands” department, comes Memory Alpha, a site dedicated to all minutia Star Trek related. Its an impressive site chock full o’ Star Trek stuff. I don’t know whether I should be scared or not. On the plus side, its probably one of the best organized and easy to use Wiki sites I’ve seen. Not that I troll Wiki sites…. And just for the record, the Quicksilver MetaWeb site is a Wiki…

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2 Comments on I got your minutia right here

  1. Hey JP,

    When are you guys going to chime in on the SF babes debate going on between my blog and The Llama Butchers?

  2. wow, well, I haven’t been to your site since, oh 3pm today so I missed the post! I’ll put something up in a few minutes. Peter is the resident expert on ‘babe-age’ so he should go on over too…

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