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It had to happen sooner or later

Now get Tivo-like functionality for radio.Replay Radio – Internet Radio Recorder is a piece of software that lets use schedule and recorde internet radio broadcasts. You can save in a variety of formats and it will, if you want, automatically burn a CD for you to listen to in the car. You can also x-fer the files to an iPaq or iPod to listen as well.

The other piece of the puzzle is Radio Wizard. This software lets you do all the immediate time-shifting functions. Pause, rewind, etc. Used in conjunction with Replay Radio and you’re close to a Tivo for radio.

One big downside is that this is for internet broadcasts only, so if your favorite station or show isn’t on the net, you can’t record it. Second, I’m not sure how well these two pieces integrate. I’m looking for a piece of hardware, preferably with a large hard drive in it, that I can hook into my stereo or car radio, that lets me record and shift over the air radio. That would be cool. Make it portable so you can take it with you and listen else where, and allow people to upload their files to their PCs for burning to CDs. Heck, do that for Tivo as well….

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  1. I bought a Creative Audigy 2 card a couple months back and it ships with software that does this.

  2. So, is it cool?

  3. JP is right, I don’t know why they aren’t doing this on a more portable level? Radio isn’t what it is today if we have to only listen to it at home. Desktop solutions for this just doesn’t make sense to me, we really need a USB MP3-style device for this. Anyone? Anyone?

    Maybe something like this will come along in time for Howard Stern says the next thing that gets him taken off the air so we can rewind and replay it ad nauseum….

  4. It does not have to be mobile, and I would almost say having it as part of your entertainment system (like Tivo) would be a good place to start. I think a big part of this is to get a guide for these broadcasts to allow you to schedule what you want, and then the actual recording of the content is a relatively trivial task. If the final product is an MP3 or WMA – its equally as trivial to migrate the audio to a portable player or to stream to you over the net.

    Even without guide data – you could do this today if you had a radio tuner in your PC (and yes they are available) and some software that would interact with it and your sound card to basically start recording off a specific channel at specific times.

    You could probably mock something up today that would get you what you want now. The portable version would either need to hook directly into your audio source or use a microphone which is kludgey at best…

  5. So as a follow-on to this – I just saw this software reviewed on a Pocket PC site, and it would work to record the audio over the air through the integrated microphone on a Pocket PC. This would not be perfect, but it is a first step to what you are looking for.

    Again, given some time (and money) you could create a device that has a line in jack that could be connected to the line out on a stereo (car or home) so to capture the audio stream and record it as MP3. Assuming its not very high quality the storage space requirements per recording will be pretty low. This whole thing seems somewhat interesting and could probably be done with a pocket pc – if I managed to get a line in jack built into one – which is not outside the realm of possibilities….

  6. On my XM stereo is a channel that reads books. One of the books they’re reading right now (a couple chapters each day) is Day of the Triffads. I only catch like 15 mins/day while I’m driving to work, but would love to listen to it in its entirety!

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