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It seems John isn’t the only who has a beef with a certain hyper-productive, super-positive reviewer. La Gringa from la gringa’s L E F T . C O A S T . D E M E N T I A (aka Colleen Lindsay, a Del Rey publicist) laments the stack of reviews from a certain, unnamed internet reviewer who likes everything. (Its midway down the Remains of the Desk entry. Specualtion is running rampant at Fantastica Daily (Feb 8th entry) that this reviewer is, indeed, Harriet Klausner. So not only can HK read more than a book a day, she has time to ‘review’ them and fax those reviews to publicists. Does anyone know what kind of coffee she drinks?

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8 Comments on Klausnered!

  1. I really need to find the time to compose my anti-Klausner rant.

  2. I’m not telling. MY lips are sealed. But HEY! There are only so many times you can give a book five stars on Amazon and still have people take you seriously…

    Nice blog! Thanks for the mention!

  3. Heh, we’ve noticed the same thing….

  4. And, just as a primer, there’s this.

  5. Oh man, I forgot how fun that was. I propose a new section, the Klausner Watch. We we show the following:

    New Reviews That Day – Reviews Total

    4 and 5 starred reviews that day – total

    Various rants against amazon and HK.

    You know you want too….

  6. Actually, Harriet DOES exist. I have met her. She lives in Georgia.

  7. Oh dear, more grist for John’s mill….

  8. Are you SURE it wasn’t Jonathan Winters? They’re nearly identical.

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