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Mars Stuff

I know, not SF, but it is cool science. The Maas Digital Gallery has their Mars Rover videos up for your perusal. You can stream in QuickTime, download the quicktime files, or even download the DVD quality MPEG-2 file, all 320MB of it. The interesting thing about the MP2 is that Maas Digital is using our old, Anime downloading friend, BitTorrent. Cool.

Also cool, you can now watch the PBS Nova special, Mars, Dead or Alive online. Sweet. Does anyone else think Nova should be on a broacast network? I think it would do well in a weekend slot, after 60 Minutes perhaps….

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3 Comments on Mars Stuff

  1. That was unbelievably good.

  2. …although…I saw no reference to the alien skulls.

  3. “I know, not SF, but…” that never stopped me before!

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