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Hey manga fans (that means you, JP)…Del Rey publishing will be starting a new multi-volume Managa series in May 2004. Check out the link for fun manga facts.

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5 Comments on More Manga

  1. Huh? I’ve never read any manga.

  2. You, my friend, were the first person to utter manga in these parts.

  3. yes, but I’ve never read any. I did find it surprising that a national book chain would be stocking a distinctly Japanese form of comic books, err, graphic novels.

  4. One of the local Barnes & Nobles have taken one whole rack that was devoted to SF–including a section that had the newly released HC’s and PB’s–and replaced it with Magna an “Graphic Novels” (what we used to call “comic books”).

    Add in the last rack of shelves that seems to be entirely Star Wars, Star Trek and other series fiction plus game stuff…Hey, SF is getting squeezed here!

  5. It seems the SF section is now the best at Half-Price Books! I haven’t been to our local B&N recently, but they have (had?) a decent SF section, with the manga relegated to an endcap cardboard stand. That may have changed. Of course, Amazon’s SF section is still huge….

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