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Mythica Canceled

Not that any of us cared, but Microsoft pulled the plug on Mythica, their upcoming Norse-based MMORPG. MS says they are streamlining their portfolia and want to invest less in the MMOG space. This is the first semi-high-profile game that I’ve seen be canceled. Are others to come? How many MMOGs can the gaming community support? Has the success of EQ locked others into mindlessly trying to copy EQ’s success?

I don’t have the answers. I do know that the MMOGs I’ve played all follow the basic EQ concept of levelling treadmills to increase your characters stats and abilities. I don’t think that any breakout game will do that. The treadmills reward power-gamers and are a disincentive for the casual gamer. I think the first true breakout game will be a mix of EQ-like gameplay and something like Second Life.

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