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Ron Moore BG Chat Transcript

SCiFi.COM has posted the transcript of their chat with Ron Moore concerning Battlestar Galactica getting the go ahead as a limited series. Some interesting things in here.

For instance:

RonDMoore: Regarding the flight characteristics, I would say the impetus was to try to make space flight realistic, once again….George Lucas delivered fighters in Star Wars like fighter planes in WWII which was brilliant at the time, but since then it has become a cliche of the genre.

Hello Ron, Babylon 5 used realistic space flight in its use of spaceships. They used all 3 dimensions, used thrusters to move in 3D, and even used spinning sections to simulate gravity. BG uses gravity generators, the tech behind them won’t be explained as Moore says in this chat. But I won’t hold that against him.Continuing:

RonDMoore: My hope is that our approach to the material will help redefine and re-invigorate a genre that has become very tired in my opiion[sic].

ChatMod: I have to ask a follow-up… Is it science fiction as agenre that you find tired, or space opera as it were?

RonDMoore: Space Opera.

Here I have to agree. Seems to me that most SF, that people consider SF as opposed to X-Files style, on TV or in the movies is space opera. You’ve got the good guys vs. the bad guys, big ships, lasers, assorted aliens, ships flying like planes on Earth, etc. But we know SF Space Opera isn’t all like that. I’d love to see the Night’s Dawn trilogy as a mini-series, or movie adaptapions of Revelation Space or even of the Sten series. I don’t think the genre is tired, I think the TV suits are the ones locked in to a tired belief: If its not Star Trek or Star Wars it won’t work.

So, I liked the mini well enough to try and catch the series. I still don’t think it should be called Battlestar Galactice, but I also realize that without that name, the show probably wouldn’t have been made.

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