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ARTICLE: The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth

A Spiked article talks about the social status of sf/f geeks (or whatever is the politically correct term).

The center of all our gratitude is pointed at Locus for the link.

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  1. The Sandy Starr piece irks me. To quote myself from my own comment page:

    We’ve had the Manson murders blamed on Heinlein and claims that Al Queda was loosely based on Asimov’s Foundation books. Now the fact that fandom has an unattractive, antisocial element means that the current rate of cultural stagnation will accelerate. The irony here being that the story focuses on LotR and comic fans, and makes no mention of the hefty number of Margaret Atwood fans who salivate for her next distopian tome, or the Michael Crichton readers who need another fix of “TECHNOLOGY WILL KILL US ALL” shrieking. These tropes (as well as Harry Potter, Soap operas, NASCAR, and the majority of movies and TV show) hinge on the concept of escapism. Hell, ALL entertainment hangs on some level of escapism. Sandy Starr runs into some traditional livin’-with-mom mouth-breathers at a Doctor Who convention and decides that these folks cannot be allowed to dictate mainstream tastes lest the world be significantly worse off. By this thinking Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, Michael Chabon, and every other “media darling” fantasist constitute a threat to intellectual thinking everywhere.

    And exactly HOW will we be worse off?

    Science fiction and comics didn’t create an illiterate america. It didn’t craft the two-party bitch-slap shriekfest of modern news. It didn’t promote the idea of an idiot populace. In fact SF, in its history, has dealt with each of those issues and deemed them as bad ideas.

    This is bullshit.

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