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Century City

Did Anyone catch any of the three aired episodes of Century City? I missed the first one, programmed Tivo for the second one, which was then preempted by the NBA, (D’oh! Damn you, Tivo-killing sporting events!) but I did catch the third one. My impression…?

I think I’ll wait and see. The episode I saw wasn’t too bad. It’s “L.A Law of the future” only with slightly worse acting and dialog. What I did like were the futuristic situations. One story concerned a woman who was “raped” by a man who was miles away. Turns out that the creep put nanites in victim’s husband’s drink which allowed said bad guy to experience exactly the same sensations that hubby was experiencing while he was intimate with his wife. Nanites is a cool concept. And of course, the dilemma of what constitutes rape in light of such technology is discussed. Interesting. A supposed-to-be-humorous second story involved a huge child star (complete with his own annoying slogan) who wanted to become emancipated from his parents so that he could take chemical inhibitors to prevent his body from maturing; for only then can he keep being America’s beloved child star. Not such a good story here. But! In a blast-from-the-past cameo, they had Ralph Malph as a key witness. He’s still got it!

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