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Cheap Music

Walmart now offers music downloads at 88 cents per song. Load up on all your favorite songs!

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3 Comments on Cheap Music

  1. What about their version of “digital rights management”? Are their restrictions worse than Apple’s?

    My musical tastes run pretty obscure or classical, two areas that I expect will take a while to make the transition “online”. So I’m in no real hurry. Bob Congdon ( talked about a 40GB iPod here ( An early target once I get a job! Every obscure but loved song on one pocket-sized source! I’m so there!

  2. Hopefully that’s not ‘every obscure love song’ by, say, Air Supply! Ahhhhhhh!

    Walmart is using the DRM built in to Windows Media Player 9. So you get WMA files and not MP3s. Meh. Although they do have an extensive collectin of Styx tunes. I, of course, already own all the real Styx CDs (and some albums, yes its true)…

  3. Well since they are using WMA, I’ll pass. Wacky formats like that is one reason I did not buy a new “Net MiniDisc” player from Sony when mine broke. They used a wacky format, it’s easier just to stick with the de facto standard (MP3).

    IIRC, Apple also has a format for iTunes, but again the lack of titles by the folks I like (no, not Air Supply) means that if (!) I ever get a iPod, I’ll just download my own MP3’s onto it…

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