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Create Your Own eBooks

For the truly geeky, here’s a handy MS Word add-in that allows you to convert MS Word documents into Microsoft Reader format eBooks. Quite handy for when you want to, say, bring this year’s Nebula Award nominees on the road.

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5 Comments on Create Your Own eBooks

  1. The webpage was updated March 2, 2004 so I hope this is a newer version of the add-in because the last one was VERY flakey. It’s especially bad if you have tables in your document.

  2. I just tried it out on a doc that has complex tables. It worked perfectly!

  3. Well, I got one of those PalmOS-things. I’ve been happy with a couple of e-book makers from Palm and other sources.

    I’m not sure how any of them would handle tables, but I’ve used to it convert some texts I’ve found online that I’ve wanted to carry, e.g., Vernor Vinge’s “The Coming Technological Singularity” and J.D. Bernal’s classic science (non-fiction) book “The World, The Flesh and The Devil” (must reading for anybody who wants to write an SF novel).

  4. Wow, that’s some cerebral text, Fred. I got about 10 sentences in and my brain caved in. How, exactly, is this a must-read for sf writers? I’m not sure I follow?

  5. Look at what Bernal talks about in the book. Space travel and how it will affect us. Biological technology. I just feel you’ve got the “germs” (so to speak) of dozens of SF novels in there.

    Thin book, lots of idea weight.

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