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Enterprise Season 3 Finale

For JP…Sci Fi Wire has posted a glimpse into the season 3 finale of Enterprise.

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4 Comments on Enterprise Season 3 Finale

  1. And yet again we see Berman (and Braga?) utilizing the time travel cliche to generate a story. Yawn.

    The latest episode I saw was the one where the Doctor and T’Pol were the only ones awake on the ship as it traversed some region of space. Kinda interesting. At least there was no time travel involved. Otherwise, meh. It was an easy way to kill an hour as I waited for a computer to free up so I could get online….

  2. Oh, and why is this for me? Scott is the resident Enterprise fanboy….

  3. I sure hope the episodes are better than the summaries, because they sound like real yawners!

  4. You have to remember what Trip and Mayweather said on their way down. They SAW all the buildings they were supposed to see (Starfleet, etc) in San Fransisco, so it is more likely an ALTERNATE timeline, not time travel.

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