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Games People (Will) Play

I was browsing the GameSpot web site and I saw a few games that I though might be interesing.

First up, a City of Heroes Preview. CoH is a MMORPG where you take on the persona of a superhero. In fact, everyone does. Which raises a question: How much crime is there in the world that would require hundreds, if not thousands, of superheroes to combat? In other words, will the fact that there will be many superheroes running around cause you’re suspension of disbelief to be broken? I don’t know, but the game does have some cool features. Especially for grouping. Teams are temporary groupings of people, supergroups are basically guilds with up to 75 people, and taskforces which are groups of many superheroes that will be needed (and will be the only way) to defeat the trial zones which are 10 hour group missions. I see some similarities with EQ which only adds to my reservations about this game. But it could be cool.

Sacred looks to be a cross between Diablo and Baldur’s Gate. Its got Diablo style gameplay with the quests out the wazoo of BG. Some interesting touches: you can fight on horseback and one of the character classes, the vampiress, physically changes between night and day. The graphics look pretty good too. For me, more BG and less Diablo would be a good thing.

StarShatter looks really interesting. Its a fleet-level starship combat simulation, kind of like Homeworld I think, only with out the resource gathering. You can also fly in a fighter. This could be a cool sim of combat between giant capital ships. I’d buy that in a heartbeat if it is. I think it would be cool to zoom along the hull of an enemy carrier and try to blast its fighters as they come out or to ram into the bridge. Fun!

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  1. I was very interested in City of Heros, but with so many other options coming out still – I am hesitating actually playing. The reviews I have heard from other testers are postive, but I am saving myself for WOW.

    The other two games look intriguing. I will have to keep my eyes open for demos so I can give them a shot… Or I can just let Scott try them and tell me later if they suck or not…

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