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I’m Gonna Cry…

…as soon as I finish retching!

I can’t believe this crap!

Note: Due to the website this link points to, don’t try to click on it from work! Trust me, there’s not bad about the page, but still…

I’m just totally disgusted! By the time I found out about this (from pre-recorded TiVo shows), it’s too late: the polls are closed! *sigh*

5 Comments on I’m Gonna Cry…

  1. What are you talking about? She’s cute.

  2. Pete has issues with her – he has this thing for Sarah and will no doubt cancel his lifetime subscription to playboy since she didn’t win….

  3. uh… huh… wha… huh!?!? why would I cancel playboy?? I’m cancelling my X Play season pass!

  4. I’m still crying, I was watching The Screen Savers and apparently, they changed the TSS girl. They replaced the normally cute and ever-so-perky Sarah with her uglier, older not-nearly-as cute lookalike. TechTV, bring back the other Sarah! or change your makeup people back!!

  5. Ummm…Pete…maybe it’s about time?

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