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Positive review for Doctorow’s Eastern Standard tribe

From Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and BoingBoing author comes Eastern Standard Tribe, which receives a positive review this week at Science Fiction Weekly.

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  1. Using their scale, I’d probably give EST a B. It has some cool extrapolations of near-future tech, which is the tentative SF element, and the invention of the time zone tribes, but otherwise I thought it was just a fair story. Certainly Art is a likeable enough character, but the whole tribe motif didn’t work for me. So much so that I kept thinking to myself, “Why did the TZ Tribes appear and what are the goals again?”. It just didn’t seem possible. Another small nit is the length. EST is short. I’m not sure I’d buy it in paperback for $6 – $7 its that short.

    But its better than a lot of stuff out there.

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