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Something Else for John…

…and me, for that matter. Here’s a blurb about our favorite cancelled-but soon-to-be-reborn series. No, it’s not “Sports Night,” scroll to the bottom of the page and look at #4.

So for all the nay-sayers out there who thinks this is a “stupid” show, maybe you’re just not bright enough to appreciate its humor and its message.

I wasn’t going to say it, but nyah! nyah! nyah! nyah!

For continuing coverage of this fantastic show, you can always go here.

4 Comments on Something Else for John…

  1. Funny, a show that was cancelled because of bad ratings is being re-born because a bunch of die-hard, no-life having fanatics bought the DVDs? What, did they take a page from the Scientologists and all 3 fans bought all the DVDs?

    One season more. That’s all it will last….

  2. This coming from the guy who trolls Star Wars sites…oh wait…

  3. 2.2 million copies x $36.25 (average price between the 2 volumes) / 3 fans = More money than I’ll ever have let alone to spend on DVDs ($26million)

    JP, I think you give us too much credit — more credit than what MasterCard gives me…

  4. 2.2 million fans watching a TV series = cancellation.

    Unless its on a cable network, then its a hit. And don’t be modest Pete, you get paid the big bucks!

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