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Tech TV and G4 Get Married

Comcast is set to acquire cable channel Tech TV. Comcast stated that it will merge Tech TV with the G4 Game channel. I haven’t seen Tech TV in a while. Has anyone seen G4?

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3 Comments on Tech TV and G4 Get Married

  1. I watch G4 occasionally. I like “Judgement Day” and “Pulse”. Otherwise, the shows are just meh. I don’t watch TechTV at all. Although, they are a prime Tivo candidate with the Anime stuff they show.

  2. I actually like TechTV – most of the stuff is done with a serious interest in tech items. Its geeky but it is an honest geeky.

    G4 was wierd – too much console for me.

  3. i must be getting desperate, morgan webb on techtv is looking better everyday to me.

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