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The 2nd Annual Spacey Awards

The Second Annual Spacey Awards honor the best SF/F films and TV shows. Cast your votes now!

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3 Comments on The 2nd Annual Spacey Awards

  1. Best Series – Ugh. I don’t watch any of theose shows. Only Enterprise is really, mostly SF. I think Alias has some SF elements, but its really just a vehicle for Jennifer Garner to run around in skin-tight, skimpy clothing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I can’t vote for any of these.

    Best Canadian SF Series – Well, I’ve seen Andromeda, Mutant X, and Stargate. I’d go with Stargate.

    Movie Villain – Agent Smith. Hands, virtual and otherwise, down.

    Movie Villain Horror – How come the movie execs who green light this crap aren’t listed? No vote.

    Movie Hero – Well, Jack Sparrow. Gotta love a prancing, mincing pirate captain. I think.

    Male TV Character – Meh. Go with McGyver.

    Female TV Character – Sydney Barstoe for the above stated reason.

    Video Game – Knights of the Old Republic. Although I think Beyond Good and Evil rates right up there too. And it wans’t even mentioned. The bastards.

  2. Yeah, I was lukewarm on the nominees myself. I’ve seen Smallville (accurately described by Dan’s mom’s son as “Dawson’s creek with super powers”). Smallville is best when they reveal some other tidbit of the Superman mythos. But suspension-of-disbelief suffers because of the amount of strange things happening in such a small town. Why doesn’t the FBI get involved? Or Sculley and Mulder? Why don’t the people just move? Bah!

  3. The choices seem generally crappy. Its like they pick stuff cuz its part of what they believe to be mainstream Sci-Fi/Horror. I mean the choices for TV series are woefully crappy. And the horror choice was a big yawner – lets see Freddy or Jason – who in all reality haven’t been that scary since…. Maybe the first movie they were in. You want scary – take some of them quasi-undead bastages in 28 days later – now that will scare the crap outta ya!!!

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