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And the SF hits keep on coming

Cinescape has a quick rundown of the upcoming SciFi Channel programming. Some interesting tidbits. Like:

Ringworld is being made into a 4 hour mini-series. 4 hours? That’s it? My prediction: This mini-series will make the Riverworld mini-series look like an Emmy winner.

The previously mentioned, John intriguing Earthsea series, based on the Earthsea series by LeGuin.

Species III. Yawn.

The Man With the Screaming Brain. Um, ok. I didn’t realize anyone else could hear the voices coming from John’s head. The good news, though, Bruce Campbell will star!

And Bruce returns in yet another B-grade SF fest, Alien Apocalypse. Since Kevin likes apocalyptic films, and Bruce Campbell, this should be a winner for him!

The Joel Schumacher project. Yikes. Sex in the City meets V. Although the alien command in V was a hottie, for an alien.

Everything else looks ‘meh’. Not really SF at all, except for maybe the Screw-On Head show. That’s SF related, dumb, but related.

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  1. I sense more craptacular Sci-Fi on TV – woe is us 🙁

  2. As do others.

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