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Citizen of the Month

This isn’t SF, but it should be. [Link]

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4 Comments on Citizen of the Month

  1. Oooh! Quick caption contest for the photo in the article!

    “Mmmmmm, finger food!”

    Said by the baby white kitty of course…

  2. Perhaps, it is SciFi after all. Don’t you see the quote from the article?

    “I wish he was with us today,” [Mayor Oscar] Goodman said. “But he’ll be with us in the future.”

    I think they’re having him cryogenically frozen. I just hope those kitties (kittys sp?) know that frozen dinner is not as good as fresh meat…

  3. My caption: “No, that’s not a goatee. I’m really a woman and I’ve had one too many facelifts.”

  4. Speaking of non-SF, maybe this clown will be the next Citizen of the Month. Hell, he’s in everything else. When I first hear about the movie: Kill Bill! I had hope it was about this guy too. How did an obviously talentless hack get to be on Jay Leno and have people cheering him on? The question is, are they laughing at him or laughing with him?

    I’m ashamed to be the same race as this whacko! And I don’t mean the “human race”…

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