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Confused yet?

Neal Stephenson talks about his latest book, The Confusion, in this Wired interview. In it, Stephenson states flat-out that he didn’t write another cyberpunk novel because CP is dead (ie – assimilated into the science fictional milieu (come on Lix!)). Anyway, Stephenson focused on a period of time that interested him and, he hopes, will interest readers. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t abhor Quicksilver as some SFSignal Irregulars did. I won’t mention any names (Scott)… I like history and there was enough of that in Quicksilver to make it interesting, along with Stephenson’s typical humor. Is that enough to cause me to rush out and buy this book today? No. I will be perusing the Bookcloseouts site though….

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2 Comments on Confused yet?

  1. Well, you could have picked it up on Tuesday…

    I picked it up today. Barnes & Nobles had it for 20% off plus an additional 10% off that price for members (which I am). Given that spring is in the air, I figured I needed another doorstop…

    Seriously, I enjoy most of what I’ve read by Stephenson (oddly enough, I’ve yet to get through either “Snowcrash” or the Victorian Steampunk novel), and this mega-book is right in the area of the stuff I like (that isn’t SF), historical fiction, history in general, the history of science, etc.

    Have you looked at the MetaWeb Project on Quicksilver yet?

  2. Yes I have. The annotations are just as interesting. I do find the automatic PDF generation of the annotations to be a cool thing.

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