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Cool SciFi Idea of the Week

This weeks cool idea:

Dyson Spheres. Dyson spheres are a cool idea. How cool? See here,

here, and here. See also google for more.

What? Didn’t know there was a cool scifi idea of the week? We’ve always had it, no one has bothered to post about it!

The rules are simple. On Monday, post a cool SciFi idea (one only and Kate Beckinsale in leather doesn’t count, sorry Pete). The idea must be worked into a post on each of the following days in some way. Now go to it!

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16 Comments on Cool SciFi Idea of the Week

  1. I’ve read this like a 100 times, but for the life of me, I can’t fathom its meaning: “The rules are system. ” Whacha talkin’ Wil’is!

    Now the idea of a Dyson’s Sphere is cool but how cool would it be for a sphere where it has only Kate and me on it (and a million of her favorite leather catsuits)?

  2. It is frustrating that there are no decent visual sites about Dyson Spheres. Even a shot of the sphere interior from Relics would be nice.

    Here’s a drawing I did for an upcoming project of a star going nova inside of a Sphere:

    And here’s the aftermath.

  3. I like that after picture. Cool. Am I remembering wrong, but doesn’t a star expand before going nova? I need to pull out my old astronomy text book and look again.

    As you said, there aren’t enough pictures of Dyson Spheres. I noticed that last night.

  4. Have you ever been inside the Mapparium at Boston’s Christian Scientist headquarters?

  5. Now that’s cool.

  6. Would Kate Beckinsale in leather and in zero-g count?

    (And I’ll display my total ignorance of current culture by saying “Kate who?”).

    Anyway: Beyond Dyson Spheres, look up the originator–Freeman Dyson. Pretty interesting guy. I highly recommend his book “The Sun, the Genome and the Internet”, among his other works.

  7. Please, Fred. Don’t humor Pete. He’ll only continue. He’s almost as bad as Mr. X.

  8. Kate Beckinsale can be seen in such smash movie hits as Pearl Harbor, Serendipity and Underworld where she wore a lot of leather apparently. I haven’t seen that movie and I’m not the K.B. fanboy. That’s Pete’s job. Which should tell you that K.B. is something of a babe…

  9. I tracked her down and found that I’ve only seen one movie that she was in: “Much Ado About Nothing”. Given my advanced and tottering years, I found the main female star to be more of a babe…admiring KB in that film would have made me more of a “babe stealer”.

  10. To drag this back to Dyson Spheres–Hunt down an essay that Larry Niven wrote called “Bigger Than Worlds”. It was first collected in (I think) the book “A Hole in Space”, but probably is in one of his more recent “omnibus” collections (“N-Space”, etc.).

    He outlines all the various space colony (loosely speaking) ideas–Ringworld, Dyson Sphere, half a Sphere, Galactic Spaghetti (I kid you not), etc.

    This was written before Gerard K. O’Neil started pushing his ideas (L5 colonies, the Construction Shack, the Bernal Sphere, etc.). The scale on the Niven proposals is pretty amazing.

  11. The article Bigger than Worlds can be found in:

    (Thanks, LocusMag and Google!)

  12. Well, I couldn’t wait until Monday, and I just could resist sticking it on my blog first.

    This week’s Cool SF Idea is also from the mind of Freeman Dyson…See here.

  13. Darn you Fred, I was thinking of using Orion as the CSFIotW!

    If you like nukes in space, check out Nuclear Space.

  14. No reason we both can’t use it!

  15. O.K., here’s this week’s cool idea of the week. Actually, the source text probably has enough cool ideas for several years, but we’ll concentrate on one thing.

    Really. Big. Trees.

    See Freeman Dyson’s (hey, you knew I had to work that in, no) commentary that appeared on Impearls concerning J.D. Bernal’s The World, The Flesh and The Devil (the work that has a ton of SF Ideas of the Week). Specifically, I point you to part 4, “Big Trees” and the implications thereof:

  16. I got my dose of big trees last week!

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