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Every One’s Favorite Hero, Thomas Covenant

Will be back for more in The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. In fact, 4 more books. I’m not sure where I stand on this. I really enjoy Donaldson’s work, The Gap series is great, and I really like the Covenant books, even though they are fantasy. But after the ending of White Gold Wielder, I figured that was it. I won’t spoil the ending for those who haven’t read it yet, but it seemed rather final. Donaldson says that the ideas for both the Second Chronicles and Last Chronicles came to him at the same time, but he’s waited on writing the last Chronicles because they are difficult to write. I’m interested to see how the story moves forward for where he left off. I’ll probably pick these up in hardback starting this fall!

And with the addition of 4 more novels, each of which will probably run over 600+ pages (like the others), the overall size of the Covenant series will put many average-sized Dyson Spheres to shame…

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  1. Weeeeelllll…read the first trilogy when it first came out in hardcover (the first set of hardcovers I bought in a bookstore instead of the SF Book Club). I read the second trilogy and wasn’t very happy. A tetralogy? Hundreds of pages of Tom the Smiling beating his chest and pulling out his hair? Me feeling like I should slit my wrists after each book?

    Thanks, I’ll probably just work my way through Stephenson’s book stops!!!!


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