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FFG Cthulhu Playtest to Open

Fantasy Flight Games’ Call of Cthulhu TCG is ramping up to release in July. Their website sez they’re opening up a beta for playtesters sometime ‘later this week’.

I’m all over that, baby!

6 Comments on FFG Cthulhu Playtest to Open

  1. I don’t look at the FFG site more often than every 15 minutes, so this may be old news, but I noticed that they put an application for the Beta program on the Cthulhu page!

  2. I just sent in my application!

  3. Me too!

    …posting ‘Me too!’ like some brain-dead AOLer…

  4. Did you say that one of the reasons FF should pick you was because you were:

    Contemplating voting Cthulhu for president?

  5. I got my invitation to the playtest tonight. I’m guessing that anyone who signed up probably did. More like a promotion than an actual playtest.

  6. Looks like the game releases this weekend.

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