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Here’s something You Don’t See Everyday

A bad review for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings.

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11 Comments on Here’s something You Don’t See Everyday

  1. OMG, someone else dare to speak out against the LotR dominion of its horde of wraith-geeks! Hear! Hear!

    Not only have I fallen asleep during the first two Lethargy of the Ring snoozers, I didn’t even bother to pay the $8 (or $6 “matinee”) for the final nap-inspired installment — I’d rather sleep in my office.

  2. Dominion? Nap-inspired? Lethargy?

    Those are fifth-grade words. Are you trying to raise our Lix score?

  3. Pete er Mr. X,

    I am sorry you feel these movies are “bad”, but you are in the minority. Plus that reviewer shouldn’t complain since his country is now getting alot of tourism, but maybe thats what he is pissed off about….

    One last thing, how can Mr. X play fantasy games (EQ and DnD) and clain LoTR is boring?

  4. Who’s “Pete”…I’m Hom…er… Mr. X… just look at my email address…


    I didn’t say they’re “bad,” I think they tried too hard on the CG. Sometimes, just because a book is an epic doesn’t mean that we want the movie to be equally epical. Perhaps, it’s a shame that we no longer have the attention span to absorb the movie in its epic proportions, I’m just glad to see an opposing view in the litany of LotR-lovers.


    Don’t you know that the Lix score (according to that link) is only for the home page, not the comments? Because if you use this page, its higher…

  5. My only comments to “Mr. X” are simply that you can put whatever you want into a web form and claim you are not who we all know you are.

    The CG in LoTR was good and added (not detracted much like the follow on Matrix movies) to the overall vision. Back in the early days of Hollywood, there were great movies that were made with lots of extras to allow for a truly epic feel. LoTR has that feel – and I am sorry you fell asleep and that you have a short attention span. But overall opinion from a majority of the folks who have seen them are that the movies are quite good and not just to fan boys and enthusiasts.

    My problem with Hollywood in general has less to do with the use of CG and more to do with a general crap-factor for movies that come out. There are obvious gems out there, but for every one of those – we are forced to put up with a badly made sequel or marketing movie. I won’t deny it – I like the movies, but I am not a “fanboy” or “enthusiast” – I dont spend hours pouring over material to understand the lineage of each character in depth to speak about how his fathers father was really the one who helped create the ring…. The movie was good since it was based on a great story and it brought that story to the screen by a man who also shared a passion for the story. Not just a guy who wanted to slap the name LoTR on a movie and call it a day…. Which he could have done….

  6. Wait, you think Mr. X is Pete? No way, Pete’s comments and reviews aren’t nearly as insightful as Mr. X’s. Pete’s are usually lame.

  7. Not that Peter…I mean Mr. X…can’t defend himself, but actually there is a negative connotation to fanboy – it’s a derogatory term.

    Also, you are not “forced to put up with a badly made sequel or marketing movie”. You may choose not to go.

    Just my 2 cents. You may return to your regularly scheduled personal attacks. 🙂

  8. apegamer // April 8, 2004 at 2:17 pm //

    as the real apegamer, i would just like to say that i don’t post nearly often enough to make any type of judgement calls on other people’s comments/reviews so i retract my previous comments.

  9. Point taken John.

    And to our second “apegamer”, there is this little email field that one can still see and I see from that data that you are not Kevin but a shallow representation of him. So be gone foul spirit!!!!

  10. apegamer // April 8, 2004 at 3:37 pm //

    uh, duh! seeing how the email field is equally free-formed…

  11. Nicolas Agathos // April 24, 2005 at 11:39 am //

    Dear Peter Jackson,

    Hello, my name is Nick and I love your work. I am looking for 1.6 years now your e-mail adress but I didn’t find it so I thought of saying what I want here: I would realy, realy, realy like to play as an actor in The Hobbit. Please, I have been wanting this for a long time now, say yes.I am 12 years old and I am 1.82 m tall and I am a good archer. Please let me act in The Hobbit.

    Thank you

    You’re huge fan,


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