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I’m a Waste of Space

According to the Ecological Footprint Quiz, “If everyone lived like you, we would need 3.4 planets.” Bummer.

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3 Comments on I’m a Waste of Space

  1. I need 3.6 planets. Darn. I was hoping to get over 4. Time to mess with with quiz.

    Not to John: This would have been a great post to use a Dyson Sphere in. Hey, if Pete can reference it, you can too!

  2. Damn, I ranked in a whopping 6.4 planets. I am guessing its the flying number that kicked me up quite a bit. Stupid overseas business trips – otherwise I would totally drop that number. And as a test – if I don’t fly it drops my number to 4.3 planets. Now I have guilt – thanks John…

  3. Darn it! I was going to use the Dyson’s sphere reference here too, but JP beat me to it.

    Woohoo! 10.2 planets — Typical crap generated by environmental fanatics. So what if I’m not green enough or don’t use public transportation often enough, we need to pack these bozos into a dyson’s sphere and cook them to provide power for us.

    Speaking of barbecueing people, I’ll tell you who is wasting the most space on this earth: the dead! If you’re dead, you shouldn’t be taking up anymore space, period! They need to dig up the cemeteries and give all that space back to people — living people! When I die, I want to be cremated and my ashes scattered over an ocean — people should be remembered in their love ones’ hearts not marked by a piece of rock in the ground!

    While we’re on the subject of death, I found a really “fun” show to watch on A&E last night. It’s called “Family Plots”. It’s a reality show that takes place at a real mortuary. Unfortunately, it’s on A&E so it’s “censored.” Apparently, they can say the word “shit” as in “oh, shit!” numerous times but they can’t show the woman’s mangled face who was crushed in an automobile accident that they were trying to make look presentable.

    *Whew* How many different turns did I take on that posting — makes me feel like James Burke in that oft-missed show “Connections” on PBS…

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