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Life Will Not Be Like Star Trek

A humorous article written by Dilbert creator Scott Adams (published in The Dilbert Future).

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1 Comment on Life Will Not Be Like Star Trek

  1. Another Star Trek thing that won’t come true — to the disappointment of architects everywhere:

    In the future, everyone (humans, aliens, cyborgs, clones, whatever) will NOT be roughly the same height… which is a pity, because it means you can’t have one universal standard for doorway size, like in Star Trek.

    In the real universe, meetings with aliens will typically lead to the embarrassment of a seven-foot-tall alien bumping his head repeatedly into doorways, or very short aliens tripping on staircases and thresholds.

    (And don’t get me started on horrifying accidents involving automatically closing sliding-doors and aliens with many tentacles.)


    -A.R. Yngve

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