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Oh Shat!

Again from Cinescape, it seems Shatner has an idea to allow Cpt. Kirk to make an appearance on Enterprise. He says “his idea is viable within the realm of escapist entertainment”. Translation: More time travel! It will blow! Just what we need, Kirk to make another appearance. Shat needs to stop smoking his rolled up shares of Priceline….

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6 Comments on Oh Shat!

  1. Sulu reacts…

  2. Is this for real? It appeared on one of the ST fan sites on April 1, so I figured it was a joke. Especially when they talked about how Archer and Kirk would share quarters, with one being messy and the other neat…

    Oy vay if it is true!

  3. Sadly, I beleive it is real….

  4. Are they going to do the Felix/Oscar thing? Can two single men share a Captain’s quarters in the Alpha Quadrant without driving each other crazy?

  5. Hey, if they’re going to keep the story floating with time travel anyway, they might as well reach for the brass toupee.


    Toupee or Not Toupee?

  6. That’s a funny site. I particularly like the Shatner finger puppet.

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