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PC World: Firefox Outtrots IE

A brief article on JP’s favorite browser, Firefox. They also tout a new browser in the fray…IE2. IE2 looks like it has some cool features as well. Mouse gestures seem like they might be useful.

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12 Comments on PC World: Firefox Outtrots IE

  1. Not that I troll Firefox sites, or anything, but have you read the following site:

    Seriously, he’s also interested in Mars, which is how I picked up on the site, but does a lot of work with Firefox as well.

  2. Yeah, I definitely see JP signing up for his newsfeed.

  3. Mouse gestures are an interesting idea, but I use the buttons on my mouse for forward/back and new tab so I don’t think I’d use the gestures at all.

    And welcome to the “Not that I troll…..” club Fred!

  4. I would like it more if I can figure out how to get the IE SideBar plugin feature to work.

  5. Gee, maybe Firefox is not as secure as they say — they think it’s more securely because noone used it before so noone found any bugs, now, its on par with IE… But god forbid someone says that, as this freak has shown — are all Firefox fan rabid??

  6. On par with IE? I doubt that highly – security is a very interesting beast in that there are several mechanisms to promote security including obfuscation or security through lack of exposure – both are valid but eventually they will catch up to you. I still think firefox is a far superior browser to the one provided by IE, but thats me. I like tabs and I like the extendability option that firefox allows that does not require me to pretty much reinvent the browser like the IE ones do.

    As to the “freak”, passion is an interesting thing in that some folks are downright hostile when you mention even one bad thing about something these people hold dear. I am sure you have had similar responses when somebody said something desparaging about something you cared about.

  7. How many times have we seen a user community that decides it is the underdog (usually because they have less market share than the leader) become rabid over their unique features and how much better they are? Seriously – if whatever it is works for you then great, but do you have to proselytize it? Do you have to defend any comment you don’t like as if it were a personal attack?

    See Mac OS, the Macintosh hardware, Be OS, Next, AMD processors, StarOffice, KDE, Mozilla, Netscape (near the end), and a string of others including now Firefox.

  8. Scott,

    I think it is in human nature to root for the underdog and when combined with some level of fantacism you get the response that one guy had to the Inquirer. I would like to think that we all have a decent grasp on reality and will use what tools and products we feel meet our needs. But likewise, there exists a vocal minority for any product that feels a negative review or statement is akin to making some desparaging remarks about thier parentage. I have seen it alot on message boards and other places about all sorts of things. You may not have ever taken a comment about a product you hold dear, but I know I have on occasion and its only when logic really takes hold that I realize that the comments were directed at a product not at me…

    On a final note before this thread dies a horrible painful death but I find it interesting that folks will jump on a single negative news item and ride that thing to the ground. I mean pick a topic and I guarantee there will be some group of doomsayers running around waiting for the other shoe to drop as it were…

  9. Oh no, Firefox is just as buggy as it turns out, again! Take that you FF (Firefox, not Firefly) luvas!

  10. I am not even sure why I read this, but to be honest thats what 2 exploits since Firefox has been released? “buggy”? These guys will have a fix for the exploit in a few days at best. You don’t like Firefox – okay we get it. Move on…

  11. The issue with IE is that it is used so predominately. This tempts the nefarious in a way that nothing else can. If we see a major shift to Firefox, we’ll start to see the problems exploited there too.

    There have been a lot more than 2 issues with Firefox since its release (check the changelog from 1.0 to 1.1 to now 1.5beta) – but there are few (if any) exploits because the bad guys haven’t bothered. Why target 8% of the users when you can target 87%?

    Most security issues are social problems anyway, not technological ones. I say that because the majority of exploits target known issues – not newly discovered ones – that people haven’t patched. I see that both browers will now auto-patch. I suspect this will help tremendously.

  12. I hate Firefox and now they let kids download porn!!!

    That’s right!! Firefox is EEEE-VILE!!!

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