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Stargate Atlantis Website

Here’s a link to the website for SciFi Channel’s Stargate:Spinoff, Stargate Atlantis, which premieres July 16.

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3 Comments on Stargate Atlantis Website

  1. Hi My name is Chuck,

    I have an idea I mentioned to one of your crew men that I thought

    would be of intrest. On this paticular episode. Some one accidently presses a wrong button and it awakens one of the ancients from his hybernation peroid. As he revives he notices there are people on his station that he did not allow on the premises. He can’t speak their language and feels he must eleminate them all. As he goes about this he notices that there are some of his people from a planet he had placed them on, to oversee thier devolopment.

    The ancients have powers as you will discover on alot of other series that he is in and learn that he’s not the only one still in hybernation, but is the one who awaken first to see if the station is safe and under no attacks.

    He get discovered and the crew starts looking for him and finds him their guns are ready to shoot him but he enters the minds of everyone at once and prevents them from shooting him.

    He realises that he must learn their language and seek out the most inteiiigent of the species the scientist and murges minds with him then he is able to talk in the english language. His first phrase is ” Does your planet have any intelegents on it. For if this is the smartest of your planet I honestly don’t know how your managed to get this station up and operational.”

    I see that character as in appearance like the raith but flesh in color and nothing elst intruding from his face.

    If you want to hear more please feel free to contact me.

  2. Wow, that’s a fantastic idea Chuck! Which crew men did you share it with? Perhaps we’ve already incorporated it into our work.

  3. Chuck, ever hear of a spell checker? How about a dictionary? If you’re going to float story ideas to the “crew men”, you might want to utilize one or the other.



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