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From the creator of one of the best anime feature fims, Akira, comes STEAMBOY. It will be released later this year in Japan, but the trailer is ready now.

Extremely cool! All that steampunk technology rocks. The only weird thing is hearing Victorian Era Britains speaking in Japanese. I know its from Japan, but still…

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  1. Patrick Frantz // August 5, 2004 at 6:00 am //

    Well, I just saw Steamboy in Tokyo. Despite only being able to understand about half of it (my Japanese is still not good enough) I can say that it really ROCKS, especially the visuals – think Akira, mechanized). If you liked Akira and the look and feel of Last Exile, then you will really like Steamboy. From what I gathered, the overall message of the film was similar to Akira, i.e. responsible use of technology.

    Still no release date set for the US, according to IMDB.

  2. Darn you! Why must all good anime shoe first in Japan? Why? Why?

    Sorry, and why can’t we get a movie about some good, old-fashioned, irresponsible use of technology? That would rule.

    I liked Akira, although I didn’t think it was great. Then again, I saw it on the SciFi Channel (back when they actually showed SF) and it may have been all hacked to pieces. I need to get the DVD and watch it with sub-titles. I also really liked Last Exile and the Steamboy trailer looked sweet! So this goes on the list with Appleseed and Casshern.

    Curse my inability to understand Japanese! Curse you! Oh, and the fact that I don’t live in Japane. That’s a stumbling block too…

  3. Well, Being a fairly old anime fan…

    Yes, I did, in fact, grow up watching Star Blazers, on UHF, (Most of you probably dont even know what the heck UHF means anymore) even, which officially makes me a total fossil.

    I remember Akira well. It was groundbreaking beyond words at the time, in just about every respect.

    Steamboy is most assuredly of the same caliber, but suffers the unfortunate circumstance of being released to a jaded and desensitized era. Had it been a companion release to Akira, It would have most likey have been regarded as a superior movie in every way.

    Now I’ve only watched the non-subbed RIP as of yet, and as you

    all curse above, Japanese can be challenging.

    The very fact that I’ve learned as much of it as I have, purely from watching anime, disturbs the hell out of me, in fact…;-)

    Not that I make a conscious effort at it either. I had no idea that I had in fact learned anything until I watched the non-subbed Steamboy, and found myself understanding about 1/3 of the dialogue.

    How’s that for strange…


    Arinath whom you cannot label a cynic as long as he is correct about people being complete asses… Because as long as he’s correct he’s a realist, not a cynic.

    Stick THAT in yer goddamn pipe and smoke it….

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