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The Funniest Show You’re Not Watching

Not SF, but Arrested Development is a must-see TV show about a seriously dysfunctional family . If you haven’t seen it, set your Tivos. I’ve watched a few and this is really good television with well-written dialog and meaty plots (“meaty plots” sounds like a something you’d go to the doctor for, doesn’t it? Oh well). It centers around Michael Bluth who is constantly trying to keep his family together (Daddy embezzled, got caught and is in jail and the family finds themselves without dough.) Some recent episodes featured a down & out Carl Weathers (as himself) offering acting lessons to ambiguously gay Tobias Funke (David Cross). Also, Liza Minnelli (yes, you read that right) as an older love interest for Michael’s momma’s boy brother, Buster. Very creative & funny stuff. Listen for the uncredited narration by Ron Howard, who also produces.

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  1. And Portia DeRossi is soooo hot!

  2. Good news on the quality TV front: Arrested Development has been renewed. [Link]

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