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AHHH Godzilla!!!

This evening as I find myself flipping channels after a wonderful concall with Taiwan – I find myself on AMC (American Movie Classics) watching Godzilla. (Only to be followed by War of the Worlds… ) The 1956 version with Raymond Burr – yes its cheesy, but I remember watching this when I was a kid and loving the whole monster movie concept. But as I watched, sadness rolled over me…

The movie looked incredibly washed out. I guess thats the nature of film – over time it degrades. But this looked very bad – I mean its black and white to begin with but it was alot more white than black and had the feeling that somebody cranked up the gamma and brightness on that display. I am not sure if this one has been saved to digital or what, but I can’t imagine my son or my grandkids not seeing this film….

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  1. Bummer. Some viewings of classic monster films are better than others.

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