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Dragon Age = NWN2?

Also from IGN comes word about Dragon Age, BioWare’s spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate and NeverWinter Nights. It will be in a completely new world, complete with detailed history, and won’t use the Dungeons and Dragons D20 ruleset. It will also address many of NWN’s shortcomings.

Two things jump out from the included pictures:

  1. The graphics engine looks great. Some of the shots are spectacular. Although the rainswept castle looks like it was lifted straight out of Scrapped Princess.
  2. The shot with the armies fighting beneath the bridge is way cool. If this is in game, and the article says it is, this will rock.

IGN has created a Dragon Age page detailing info on DA as it comes in. Too bad it seems like it be out in 2-3 years! Wow! If it takes 3 years, it had better knock your socks off then wash them for you….

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  1. Man, 2-3 years??!?! I hope it’s not like NWN…we waited for what seemed like forever (not 2-3 years for me, since y’all didnt tell me about it til later), and it was a disappointment…

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