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For the Fear of Litigation

With all of us posting constantly, it will just be matter of time before we have 10100 entries in our blog. In an effort to minimize the risk of ligitation capitalizing on our popularity, I suggest that we, henceforth, denote the number 10100 or 1 with 100 zeros after it, an åssçlown. This can also be shortened to be represented by a lowercase Angstrom plus a lowercase Cedilla, “åç”.

6 Comments on For the Fear of Litigation

  1. Ligitation?

  2. Doh, litigation. You and I must’ve had the same Enlish teacher…

  3. They’ve got to be kidding. I sure hope the judge throws out this frivolous piece of litigation.

  4. Jeez. Does MoveableType have a spellchecker plugin?

  5. i don’t need no stinking spellchecker, i usually proofread my own stuff, but I missed that one, ligitation and litigation look almost the same.

  6. Now THAT was funny – nice job Pete!

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