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Free Game: Starsiege: Tribes

Got an email from Sierra today – who saw fit to use my email address obtained through the registration of my daughter’s educational software to send me game release news showing scantily dressed 3D models. Anywho, it goes like this:

To celebrate the release of Tribes: Vengeance we’re giving away the first two titles in the award winning Tribes series for free! Pick up the July issue of Computer Gaming World at your local newsstand and get a special-edition DVD-Rom with the two titles. Or you can go on-line and download Starsiege: Tribes from Fileplanet.

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3 Comments on Free Game: Starsiege: Tribes

  1. Crimines John – dont you even read this blog??? I posted that both Tribes 1 and 2 are available via free download… Note my own reference…

  2. Whoops.

  3. If they really wanna celebrate, they wouldn’t put in on those scam sites like where you wait on the slowest possible server until you go in for their scammy paid servers. I would rather pay the game publishers the full price for their hardwork than to pay a bunch of scammers serving up OTHER PEOPLE’S files and charging you for it.

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