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More TV SF

Here’s a comprehensive look at the current landscape of television sf.

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5 Comments on More TV SF

  1. As if we needed more re-inforcement of just how bad SF TV is currently. That is horrible. Maybe Battlestar Galactica will be decent. I hope so. There’s really nothing much else out there.

  2. What we really need is for sf to become the “next big thing”. Today we have an overpowering glut of reality shows on air or in development. Wouldn’t it be cool if the same happened for sf? Or, how about an “sf facelift” to some existing shows? I’m thinking “The Space Apprentice”, “Universal Idol”, “Survivor Asteroid”, “Alien Eye for the Terran Guy”…that sort of thing.

    Or maybe I’m on crack.

  3. Mutant X, a formulaic show with some cute actresses, unfortunately, will be cancelled after this season so that probably shouldn’t be on that list anymore. It wasn’t due to ratings either, I don’t think. The news was that studio went out of business or something.

    Bummer for me, but probably good news for those “i-need-good-SF” bigots like JP…

  4. Well at one point, before it went for it’s final dive into the Pacific, Space Station MIR was supposed to be the “ultimate destination” of the winner of a Survivor spinoff show.

    However, the promises by the Russian Space Agency seemed to be more fiction than science, and they couldn’t keep that puppy in the sky any longer.

  5. UK SF TV?

    Via SFSignal here’s a detailed list of SF TV in the US. Anyone got a similar list for the UK?…

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