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New LucasArts Games to Be Unveiled

Titles include

[From SciFi Wire]

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3 Comments on New LucasArts Games to Be Unveiled

  1. My guess is that Battlefront and KOTOR2 will be hits and the rest will be rather blah. I have been reading a bit on KOTOR2 and its being done by the same folks who worked on Planescape: Torment – so I have high hopes for that title….

  2. Being the Star Wars Fanboy that Tim is, I got the latest Star Wars Insider email with the poorly kept secret that the Star Wars Battlefront Official Site is now new and improved (see link above). Aside from the fact that you will be able to shoot Ewoks, the best thing about the site is they play music from Star Wars as long as you stay on their site. Really good for those of you who don’t have the CDs, or left them at the office….

  3. Not that I deny my fanboy status – but how is it that I am labelled here but was the one listening the cheesy internet musak? Dare I say pot calling the kettle black I think!!!

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