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Now THAT’S a rocket.

While my kids were watching TV the other day, an add for the SUPER SOAKER MONSTER ROCKET came on and immediately the cries of ‘ I want that! I want that!’ could be heard. Shortly thereafter, my kids joined in as well….

Come on! A 7ft. tall, water-propelled rocket that can reach 100ft? Who wouldn’t want that? I could time its launch to scare the crap out of the airline pilots as their planes fly over my house! Sweeeeeet!

Just imaging what Estes (this link brought to you in-browser for the multiple window impaired…) could do with a 7ft. rocket and clearance from the Department of Homeland Security….

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8 Comments on Now THAT’S a rocket.

  1. What the DoHS can do with these babies is make them into Islamic Extremist Eradicators. Rather than filling them with water or explosives, they need to play into their religious fanaticism: the blood of a swine. Douse them in that, and they will not never enter their supposed-heaven to reap their reward of 72 not-so-experienced ladies…

  2. What?

  3. Nevermind.

  4. Heh. I can top that. Take a look at this little hobby item.

  5. Holy cow, that’s monstrous!

    I want one!

    I saw some guy was working on a RC controlled scale model of a C-17 Globemaster. I think that one may have been even bigger. I’ll try to find the link.

  6. And in the ‘not funny’ department, the DoHS and the BATF has paid a consulting firm to try to produce a guided rocket (suitable for taking out a commercial airliner) out of model rocketry parts. Now I don’t mean the parts you can buy at the local chain hobby store, but the higher end amature rockets (above G motors – see

    I find it highly likely that they will do this – and then you’ll see a news conference, video footage, and a move to legislate against them.

    This is too bad, of course, because the components needed to build such a rocket can be made easily at home – the commercial versions wouldn’t keep the determined from doing it.

  7. If you’ll look at my blog for my posting on the monster rocket, you’ll see that the BATF and others are already legislating the amateur rocket hobby into non-existence…or at least trying to.

    Find Jay Manifold’s A Voyage to Arcturus blog on my site, and read his two postings on the subject as well.

  8. Are we talking amatuer as in ‘build your own rocket with big-a$$ engines’ or the more sedate, Estes type? From the posts, I’m assuming the former, but is the latter affected at all?

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