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Showgirls in the VIP

In the ‘no, I’m not making this up’ category comes news of a special VIP edition DVD set of the movie Showgirls. Now I know what some of you are saying – ‘Scott, Showgirls is one of the seminal films of our time – why shouldn’t it get a special VIP edition DVD complete with special audio tracks and behind the scenes photos?’

Well for those of you who could see past the adolescent-fantasy-come-true of seeing Elizabeth Berkley from Saved By The Bell naked, you noticed that this movie was terrible. Apparently it is so bad that it has moved into ‘cult classic terrible’ and people have been picking it up just to make fun of it – hence the newly created VIP edition with all the things you need to host a Showgirls party of your own! Just look at all you get:

  • ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Made’ – a commentary by David Schmader (needless to say, this guy is a commedian)
  • Lap-dance tutorial by the girls of Scores (making this a potential anniversary gift your wife would never forget!)
  • Set of Showgirls shot glasses (after all, this movie is best seen through the filter of sweet, sweet booze)
  • Deck of Showgirls playing cards (because you’ll want to play cards to entertain yourself during the film)
  • Showgirls party games (including a drinking game based on the film – once again reminding us that this movie should been seen the way the screenwriter authored it – under the influence)

And best of all:

  • “Pin the Pasties on the Showgirl” game with pasties and blindfold

No commentary on that item – it stands by itself (well, I guess that would be the rare Showgirls blow-up doll, but I digress.)

Preorder your copy today!

4 Comments on Showgirls in the VIP

  1. Mmmmm, the girls of Scores….

  2. Um, and just HOW did you stumble across this? Were you looking for nekid Elizabeth Berkley pics?

  3. Bonus points for highlighting words from my Beavis List.

  4. As for how I just managed to stumble across this? It was recommended (for the camp value) by PC Gamer’s Get a Life section.

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