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So that’s what an invisble plane looks like!

I’m inclined to disbelieve, but apparently the Mexican air force (did you know Mexico had an air force – I didn’t) has video footage of a UFO that they claim was invisible to the naked eye yet showed up on radar and in the infrared spectrum. Hmm, moving lights – not too compelling, but you never know…

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The truth is out there!

3 Comments on So that’s what an invisble plane looks like!

  1. Scott, do you write for Jay Leno on the side, cus he just made the same air force joke as you did…

  2. He so stole that from me! You know he was reading SFSignal, saw that joke and said ‘man I’m gonna use that!’ Then he got into one of his $100,000 cars and drove the studio.

  3. I thought Jay would hop on one of his $50,000 motorcycles? And don’t give up your day job just yet…

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