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ST: Enterprise renewed

Rejoice and sing in the good news…. Or not – the link from Slashdot.

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  1. So I watched the final episode of the season of Enterprise. It wasn’t half bad. They wrapped things up, and I figured, O.K., maybe we can drop all this time travel malarky and get back to exploring the universe?

    Then I saw the last five minutes, which was an obvious bit tacked on to act as the “cliffhanger” to hold us on tenterhooks until the season returned.

    What drivel. What utter drivel. I will not be bothering to see how they resolve this balderdash.

  2. Drivel? Tenterhooks? Balderdash?

    I think Fred is trying to increase our Lix score!

    As fas as Enterprise goes, I didn’t see, I don’t want to see it, and I won’t see it. Even in its new timeslot. It just isn’t that exciting or, quite frankly, that good.

    Something new would be nice.

  3. Friday night (the new timeslot) “typically” kills shows, but I think it’s more a function of the network support.

    Firefly may have made it in Friday, if Fox hadn’t constantly pre-empted it, shown it out of order, etc.

    X-Files was on Friday’s for a while, and survived.

    Of course, Star Trek: The Old Series got moved to Friday and that was one thing folks claim killed it. I think it was more a function of the involvement of one Fred Freiberger, the Berman and Bragga of the original series.

    Seriously, if you “Tivo’d” it, watch the last five minutes. See if you agree with me.

  4. As for the vaunted Lix score, I was trying to elevate it as best my limited intellectual resources are able.

  5. Careful. That’s 5 more words with a letter count of six or more. The Lix Engine was never built to handle that kind of overload. You might as well ask it to caluclate the value of Pi to the last digit and watch it explode. 🙂

  6. Computer, please assistant. I require you to calculate to the last digit the numerical value of pi.

    And when you are done with that, please assist me in folding my sheets and cleaning the kitchen.

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