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Star Wars Ep III Webumentary: Creating General Grievous


*Not That I Troll Star Wars Sites or Anything – Coincidentally, a site search of the phrase “Star Wars” followed by a blog author’s name yields the following results (not including this post):

Scott: 1 (Surprising since the U.S. Government by way of the Postal System acknowledges him as a Star Wars Enthusiast)

Kevin: 1

Peter: 2

JP: 3

John: 6

Tim: 16! – The winner and true Star Wars fanboy.

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9 Comments on Star Wars Ep III Webumentary: Creating General Grievous

  1. Two!?!? I demand to see the empirical data! What’s the URL??! There’s NO WAY that I’m a bigger SW fanboy than Scott IFinishEverySWComputerGameInOneSitting…

    Where’s Kevin’s data?

    BTW, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside at being called a “blog author.” I, now, have the validation that I so sorely lacked in my humble existence…

  2. OMG – I cannot believe I won…. I wanna thank the Academy for this honor and without the support of my family I would never made it here today…

  3. General Grievous.

    Two words that explain why Lucas has lost all sense of good storytelling. Why not:

    Corporal Punishment

    General Mayhem

    Gievous Bodily Harm


    I’m sure most high school enlish classes could come up with names…

  4. Yes the name sucks – but I really really enjoyed watching those guys work. That creativity and drive to build something is too cool for words. Get rid of Lucas and find a more edgy director and you can build a great movie. I wonder how Ridley Scott would have made this movie – or if we can find some no name director and see what they come up with….

  5. Was it in Enlish class that you learned the word “Gievous”?

  6. Pete, I just used the blog’s seacrh feature. Oh, and I updated the post to include Kevin’s ranking.

  7. did you misspell ‘search’ just so i would post?

  8. Of course! The only things that get you typing are typos and babes. Heaven forbid I misspell a supermodel’s name!

  9. despite the length, no one here seem to have any problem spelling beckinsale or portman… i’m truly surprised.

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