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Star Wars & The Matrix are Inversely Proportional in Quality

At least that’s the theory posited by Big Dumb Object. An interesting theory. Maybe there is a physical law of Conservation of Quality? Hmmm….

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6 Comments on Star Wars & The Matrix are Inversely Proportional in Quality

  1. I’m with him on the Matrix trilogy. I’m not sure I can go that far with with SW prequel movies. I think Attack of the Clones was marginally better than The Phantom Menace for no other reason than AotC had less Jar Jar in it. I do think that Ep. III has a chance to be cool because we get to see Anakin become Darth Vader. Being dipped in lava ought to be a neat scene. In fact, I expect Ep. III to fell a lot like The Empire Strikes Back with the baddies being in control at the end. We’ll see.

  2. Surely a hundred jedi running into battle was cool? And what about all those clone troopers? Perhaps I’m just biased…

  3. A further expansion of the conservation of quality hypothesis

    SFSignal have suggested that maybe my inverse trilogy theory is but a mere manifestation of a larger conservation of quality law. And so like the good exp…

  4. A humorous update from BDO.

  5. There were cool things about AotC, but the bad dialog and acting (Christiansen makes Keanu Reeves look like Marlon Brando) pull it waaaaay down for me. Even the super-flea Yoda scene couldn’t rescue the film. Altough for Pete, Padme in her ripped uni probably was a high point….

  6. Padme in anything is good enough for me. In fact, during those “Anakin-Padme” conversation scenes, I could’ve sworn that she was talking to herself the whole time — there was another guy in there? I hadn’t noticed. 😛

    While I agree with some of the assessments on the films in the updated piece; I would say that “Superman I” was good up until the ugly Lois Lane (she wasn’t ugly in the comic book, so what gives??) showed up in the movie. The third Superman movie was just silly; and the fourth was brain-dead so the score for that one is probably 1.5 (good) vs. 2.5 (bad) — so there’s quality loss.

    Perhaps, the theory of conservation of SF film quality is like the law of probabilities — the ratio will approach 1 as the sample size grows without bounds.

    So go forth and read/watch more SF!!

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