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Stop George Before He Films Again!

Unbelievable. The climactic fight between Obi-wan and Vader will take place in lava……..on surfboards. Seriously, when did George acquire the crackpipe? Why do we have to have this pseudo-hip crap in this movie? Its supposed to be heavy and cool, and not loaded down with surfer Darth. Please.

To quote Sting from Dune: “I will killl him!”.

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10 Comments on Stop George Before He Films Again!

  1. Oh my dear god…. Okay I am dialing up Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg – prep the intervention team. I will have the chopper on the roof in 5.

  2. So…you’re not going to see it then?

  3. If you think this is bad, I saw a rumor on some site stating that George is going to remove the current bluey-Annikan guy at the end of RotJ and replace him with a bluey-Christenson for the DVD release. This might cause me to recind my pre-order.

    But probably not. At least I have the Laserdisc set of the original movies, as God meant them to be seen, before George discovered bongs…

  4. We knew there had to be lava involved, right? That’s why he ends up in the mask…

  5. Considering I didn’t see Attack of the clones until it came out on DVD – I can almost guarantee that if this movie looks as crappy as its starting to sound – I will avoid it completely… Fanboy or not – I do have my limitations….

  6. Its not the lava, its the surfboarding fight over the lava. Lame.

  7. Is that ‘Attack of the Clowns’ or ‘Attack of the assclowns?’

  8. Take a look at the latest Dork Tower (I posted a link on The Eternal Golden Braid). A funny take on the madness.

  9. Star Wars rumours

    The guys at SFSignal are worrying about Episode III rumours. But the rumours are in The Sun so I wouldn’t worry too much, it never prints the truth. I’d imagine that anything that has been seen is blue/green screen. So…

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